Kyoto Night Food Tour - Gion and Kamogawa

March 2017
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Our Kyoto Night Food Tour through Gion and Kamogawa is a celebration of Japanese traditional Kaiseki, a multi-course, multi-flavored Japanese dinner that flawlessly mixes the cuisine of the world to produce some of the most delicious dishes on the planet.  

Tour Highlights:

  • Starting in Kamogawa, stroll through the night streets amongst the many passersby to fully appreciate and feel the life of the city.
  • Cross the Kamogawa bridge and enjoy the endless terraces along the Kamogawa river filled with the faithful patrons that populate them every night.
  • Enter Gion, the home of many geisha and traditional tea houses, after crossing the Kamogawa bridge. 
  • Enjoy the most unforgettable Kaiseki meal of your life

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Food Tour Starting Point:
Please check the Locations page to know where to meet us!

*if you arrive more than 10 minutes after the meeting time, we may unfortunately have to start the tour without you.

Tour Details:

Starting in Kamogawa, stroll with your guide along the local streets as you head toward the Kamogawa River with some possible seasonal food stops along the way.  Along the river you will see the many Japanese locals sitting on Kamogawa yuka noryo (terraces along the water) enjoying their evening.

From Kamogawa, we venture into the Pontocho area, an area which has been home to Geishas since the 1500s.  We are often lucky to catch a glimpse of them scampering between teahouses in their zori sandals and illuminating kimonos.  Pontocho is known for its many bars, restaurants and machiya (teahouses) in the area.

Not long after our time in Pontocho, we will be in historical Gion, the most prominent entertainment district and Kyoto’s center of traditional arts. Gion is clad with old wooden buildings, teahouses and very exclusive Japanese restaurants, mostly by invitation only. Your guide will tell you stories about this very exquisite part of Tokyo along the way.

At the end of our short journey we will sit down to enjoy a 10 course kaiseki meal, where you will be able to try some of Kyotos freshest food.  Kaiseki generally means a meal incorporating a combination of seasonal ingredients; meticulously prepared so all the flavors blend harmoniously. A visit in Kyoto is never complete without trying a Kaiseki meal. Enjoy this three hour tour and end it with a meal that you will never forget!  We want this moment of your life to be a memory you will never forget so we will reserve the details for only those who join the tour.  To give you an idea, one of the courses will be a ornate platter mounted with living fish that you can enjoy sashimi straight from the bone.  In this 10-course Kaiseki dinner, just this course alone will provide you with the freshest sashimi you will ever taste in your life.  The other 9 courses are a mystery but we guarantee this meal will be an unforgettable event in your life!

Monday - Saturday (off Sundays)
Meeting Time 4:50 PM - 4:59 PM
Start time 5:00 PM
End time 8:00 PM

Please see our Locations page so you know where to meet us!  If you have any questions pleas email