Corporate Team Building!

Verizon Wireless' International Team came to visit Arigato Japan when they were in Tokyo for a global off-site.  We had a great time with them and Aya Tanaka from their Japan HR Team was so nice to write a complete review of their experience.  

Arigato Japan has given us the perfect experience for my company’s team building. I couldn’t ask for more! We had 12 people in total and Arigato Japan had kindly reserved an offsite location and they were very accommodating with our budget. All the ingredients, plates, and everything prepared and on top of that they provided more such as sake and real wasabi so that foreigners were able to taste “real” wasabi. We made 3 different types of sushi which was a great experience for the foreigners to experience the different ways to make sushi. The staff were very friendly and spoke fluent English so it was easy for the foreigners to follow. I definitely recommend Arigato Japan to anyone who have visitors looking for a cultural activity. Arigato Arigato Japan!

-Aya Tanaka, Verizon Japan Human Resources




The Nomadic Boys, 2 dashing gay men who run a travel blog, came to town and decided to join our tour.  We are in their OPTION 1 section of their 10 day trip overview.  They are extremely talented and down to earth! See complete write-up and testimonial on their blog here: 





100 TACKS, a blog documented expatriate life in Tokyo, written by a well published writer, Petra spent some time with FEW (For Empowering Women in Japan) one Sunday to learn how to make some of our beautiful Maki and Sushi.  See full write up here:




Uncover Japan came to visit one of our Sushi and Maki classes recently.  They documented their experience step-by-step on their blog (link below).  Uncover Japan makes tailor made itineraries for small or large groups coming to visit Japan.  You can navigate to their main site to learn more.



World Traveler, Nano B, came to visit for her first experience learning how to make Maki & Sushi.  To learn more about her experience, see full write up here: 





Tokyo Families Magazine, a publication which aims to shows English speakers the luxuriously practical side of Tokyo, interviewed our founder, Anne Kyle, in Spring 2016 to give the families of Tokyo a fun option to spend some time together.  See full write up here: